Tuesday, 17 May 2011

incident i will never forget

last year,my family had to attend a weeding ceremony of my cousin at bhairahawa.we had to purchase something for the wedding and take with us.since my father had urgent work in his office, he bought the plane ticket just for the previous day of the weeding.by chance,we reached the airport two minutes after the plane took off.we returned home disappointed.as soon as we reached home from the airport,we heard on the radio that the plane we missed a few minutes ago had met crash before it reached bhairahawa and all passengers had died.we hardly believed to our ears .my mother begain to weep.as soon as our relatives heard the news,they began to ring us up being terrified but we were safe.we all thanked the almighty for saving our lives.but we were still very sad at the loss of lives of so many passengers. 

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