Sunday, 15 May 2011

importance of english language

english is a is an intemational language .lt is spoken all over the world.the people of the world communicata with each other by this lainguag .this languag is used in everyday life-at home,in the market,in the office,at school,in college , is also the medicion of communication through email and intemet.moreover, english has been the medium of education in all parts of the world.many important subgect like english,science, economics,history,geography,medicine,engenerring,etc.are taught in english.without understanding english the intemational student cannot get scholarship in america,britain,japan,china or other rich countries. english language is also importanc to understand literature like poems,stories,essays,dramas or films.the most important world literature is written in english. the politicians should understand english lf they cannot speak english,they cannot know world politica,they cannot communicate their ideas to the foreigners. also,english is used in industries, factories and commerce.therefore,the value and importance of english languag is increasing day by is used in different aspects of our country, those who do not speak,write or understand english languag,they seem to be backward.thus,this languag has become the languag of human progress and prosperity.


  1. I like this essay
    I thought that english language is very important in our life

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